Our friend Richard Kirkpatrick is running for Sheriff of Kleberg County. We wish him very best of luck in the 2016 Election.



hero 911

Hero 911

Our friend Nate McVicker has created the "Hero 911" network. A national volunteer organization of federal, state and local law enforcement officers. Specifically, the Hero911 Network will help protect children and adults against the horrific violence in active shooter incidents. We accomplish this through a constant stream of communication. Updating officers around the country at a moment's notice when school shooting incidents have been reported.




Our friend Bradley "Mongo" Sosnowsky is proud to present Tacprogear. Tacprogear manufactures a complete line of high-speed low-drag tactical gear and equipment. Tacprogear is widely used in global hot spots where high speed, low drag equipment is required, not optional! Delivering mission critical equipment to places that most people cannot find on the map!



Threat Level 5

Our friend Lanny Bergeron is the CEO of "Threat Level 5" and creator of the search tool kit backpack. Lanny is considered an expert in locating traps (compartments) or natural voids used to smuggle illegal contraband. During years of experience, he has tested and used numerous tools to assist in helping to search and dismantle vehicle/commercial motor vehicles on the roadside during a traffic stop.