Portable Infra-red Document Examination System

The SAS-430 is a very cost effective portable infra-red Questioned Document Examination System for the authentication of travel documents at border crossings, immigration control desks and in mobile police operations. Further uses are at scenes of crime, in banks, at check-in desks or in any situation where the authenticity of documents may be in doubt.

Using the non-destructive techniques of infra-red absorption and luminescence, the SAS-430 is a powerful tool for the detection of fraudulent documents of all kinds. With counterfeiting and forgery continuing to be a major criminal activity, the SAS-430 will prove invaluable to many regulatory authorities.
Available with an optional carrying case which allows complete portability and remote field operation, the SAS-430 may now be used in roadside operations when installed in vehicles using the mounting kit. The Oblique light source (OL-430) and Transmissive Light Source (LB-430) are now supplied as standard as shown in the illustration above.