"Besides the great product, your customer service is unrivaled!" Sergeant Rob Roggeveen - Riverside County Sheriff's Department
"I am so grateful and honored that you and your outstanding company allowed our agency to use this great instrument, and thank you to all the folks at SAS for creating tools that assist law enforcement in detecting contraband this allows us to continue to fight the good fight." JA - Illinois State Police

Congratulations to The Kingsville Drugs Task Force!

KINGSVILLE (Kiii News) - A routine traffic stop by a Kingsville Task Force agent turned into a high-dollar bust Wednesday afternoon on Highway 77 and County Road 2210. Over a million dollars in cash was confiscated in 41 bundles. Agents stopped a semi-truck trailer and noticed that the driver and passenger were acting suspicious, prompting a search of a vehicle. That's when they discovered the cash. The driver and passenger of the vehicle were charged with money laundering.
“Following a Narcotics K-9 Alert, we used the Ultimate LED scope to locate $109,000.00 in suspected drug currency floating in a fuel tank of a 2002 Honda Odyssey van. The scope was instrumental in locating the packages floating in the fuel. Without the scope we may have missed this one! This scope is vital in my day to day operations.” Agent Pat Kropholler/K-9 Handler - Domestic Highway Enforcement, California
“I Wanted to get these pictures to you. I had this seizure last week. The only way I found it was through using the Ultimate LED fiberscope to see inside the fuel tank. When I looked in the tank, I could see a false wall right as the scope entered the tank. The seizure was 24 lbs of cocaine and 15 lbs of Meth. I use your Master Kit on a daily basis on the roads of Arizona.” Keith Duckett - Arizona Department of Public Safety
“I would like to let you know that Kingsville Fiberscope is a vital part of our ongoing effort to combat the smuggling of contraband into the interior of the United States. The fiberscope allows us to inspect the inside of tires which has become a favorite smuggling trend among criminal organizations. We have had several tire loaded narcotic seizures at our Border Patrol Checkpoint with thanks in large part to the Kingsville Fiberscope. Keep up the innovation and hard work that may assist us in keeping the streets of America a safer place to be for our family and children.” Logan W. Snider - Field Operations Supervisor Campo Border Patrol Station, CA US Customs & Border Protection
“The Kingsville Tire Scope is a great tool and easy to use. We are able to search all tires without the inconvenience of pulling tires off and x-raying them. This tool has saved countless hours of labor and we are able to search tires more frequently having that perfect knowledge that the vehicle has been let down the road with no contraband in it. ” Rylan Schaffer - Superintendent - Canada Border Services Agency
“The LED Fiberscope worked flawlessly and was instrumental in helping us with locating a false compartment that had cash and two weapons inside. I will send you a copy of the photo. (I took one of the compartment using the scope) ” Agent Pat Kropholler/K-9 Handler - NSI CAL-MMET (Domestic Highway Enforcement)- California
“We have been using the Ultimate Fiberscope® Master kit for approximately 4 years. In this time, we have seized over $1,000,000 in U.S. Currency and numerous narcotics seizures. Our success is due to the use of the Ultimate Fiberscopes®. We use the Ultimate Fiberscope® every day and have been extremely satisfied. I have used the new lightweight one piece LED Fiberscope and Iike the scope since it is easy to use and new handle design is exceptionally comfortable. In the field or on the side of the roadway, having a one-piece type scope is outstanding, since the battery and light source are incorporated in the handle. Kingsville Scope: We had a problem inspecting vehicle tires which could be loaded with cash or drugs. We mentioned our requirement to SASRAD and they came up with the Kingsville Tire Inspection Scope based on our requirements….After the scope was developed, we were flattered that they named the scope after our unit but better than that, impressed when we started making seizures in tires, while avoiding cutting or even dismounting them from vehicles. Great design! Thanks SAS R&D for designing new ways to assist Law Enforcement and Interdiction Teams.” Richard Kirkpatrick - Kingsville Specialized Crimes & Narcotics Task Force

State troopers patrolling Willacy County now have a new tool to help them find hidden contraband. The Willacy County District Attorney's Office purchased a SASRAD handheld density meter with forfeiture money awarded to the office.

The density meter will be used by DPS troopers who patrol I-69E. The DA's office says the highway is used by criminals transporting cash and weapons to Mexico. The density meter is designed to detect hidden objects in inaccessible areas, such as walls and tires, where direct observation is not possible.

Is a 7.5 microcurie radiation source safer than 10 microcuries as competitors claim?

This paper is intended to explain the difference in the Effective Dose to humans between 2 different activities (7.5 uCi and 10 uCi) of 133Ba isotope used in a hand held contraband detector relative to ordinary risk we face in everyday life.

A competitor of ours has offered a version of their unit which is 7.5 microcuries of radiation against our 10 microcuries, claiming that this is safer for the user, In fact, the increased dose to a user of a 10 uCi source over a 7.5 uCi source for a worst case scenario is essentially equal to what one gets in one second of airplane flight on a cross country trip from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, CA, a total flying time of up to five hours or 1 in 18,000

10 Microcurie Source

Now let’s compare both these radiation source activities and the actual working life of the source. The working life is based on the sources initial activity and the half-life of the isotope. For 133Ba, the half-life is 10.53 years. So for a 7.5 uCi source, the working life is about 35-40% less than the working life of a 10 uCi source. This translates that the dollar per dollar cost of the 7.5 uCi source is much higher than the cost of the 10 uCi source! And finally another consideration is the scanning time for the contraband detector. Excluding other factors involved, a 7.5 uCi source has 25% less photons/sec output than a 10 uCi source and this in turn increases the length of time it takes to complete a scan. This also may reduce the probability of positively identifying a concealed item (contraband)

The Xpose has graphing & digital display, available tablet remote control of all functions and is MIL STD 810G - Water Resistant to IP56 (waterproof available on request) - ISO9001:2008 and most importantly sold under an Exempt Radiation License from the NRC. In other words virtually no restrictions on sale, possession of transfer of the unit.

Our competitor has none of these features.

In short, when comparing the 2 activities (7.5 uCi and 10 uCi) 133Ba sources in hand held contraband detection systems: For those interested in the science and math behind these conclusions we do have a detailed white paper available upon request.

Radiation Licensing


There are several important points that users and potential users of the New Technology SAS-Hitech-Xpose Contraband Detector should be aware of. In order to simplify ownership of this device, SAS-Hitech-Xpose has been developed and licensed under United States Law as an Exempt device. Other density meters of this type are licensed under a General license. There are highly important differences between the two types of licenses. Here are a couple of the major differences:


General licensed (competitors product) requirements (per their own manual):
  • Rope or cordoning off the area to keep people away
  • Contact public health (radiological authorities) and emergency services provider for assistance
  • Notify the manufacturer
Exempt license requirements (SAS-Hitech-Xpose)

Pick up unit and send it to Authorized Service Center or factory for repair (nothing more)


General license (competitors) requirements:

The device is assigned to a specific location and cannot be assigned to another location without written notification to the radiation regulatory entity (State or Federal as applicable). If the device is given or transferred to another location, even if it is with the same agency (i.e. if PD Precinct 5 gives it to PD Precinct 6), a transfer of location must be filed by the user (licensee) prior to transfer. Failure to do so is subject to fine and reprimand.

Disposal of General Licensed unit: The user MUST dispose of the device as Hazardous waste and transfer to a license disposal facility. This can be done, under US law by:
  • Exporting the device in accordance with NRC regulations found in 10CFR§110
  • Transfer to a Specific Licensee authorized to receive the device with supporting documentation.
  • Transfer to another General Licensee under strict regulations found in 10CFR§31.5(c)(9) or equivalent Agreement State regulations.
Exempt license requirement (SAS-Hitech-Xpose)
  • Remove label and throw away in regular garbage.
Or for transfer of ownership
  • No restriction. It can be given it to whomever, whenever, wherever required. No paperwork/transfer licenses/authorizations required.

Available Readyscope Lengths

Readyscope Configuration Kit
4 Way Knob Articulation
40" length (1.0m)
Readyscope Configuration Kit
4 Way Knob Articulation
60" length (1.0m)
Readyscope Configuration Kit
4 Way Knob Articulation
80" length (1.0m)
Readyscope Configuration Kit
4 Way Knob Articulation
120" length (3.0m)
Customization available please ask a SASRAD representative.