Xpose Radiation Profile

logo-xposeThe operator opens and closes the source by using the two search activation buttons (operator trigger) located on either side of the device thereby rotating enclosure. If either button is released, the source enclosure will rotate back to the closed position and remain closed while not in use.


Dose Rate. The dose rate to operator or any member of the general public is less than 0.05 mR/h (whole body). The figure provides results from the independently conducted dose survey. The observed dose from the Xpose ranges from 0.01 mR/h to 0.03 mR/h with source enclosure in the either open or closed position.


Operator Dose Rate. The dose rate from the Xpose does not change appreciably with the shutter open or closed. Xpose provides survey results of the unit demonstrating no change in dose rate with unit under both shutter conditions.

Source Registration. The Xpose has an exempt distribution license granted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in accordance with NRC 10CFR§32.31.

Return of Sources. Under the Exempt license, Xpose units that are no longer serviceable may be disposed in accordance with local regulations for general electronic waste (after removal of the source label). There is no requirement to return the unit to a licensed disposal facility or the manufacturer.