About Us

Ted Sas

President & CEO

  • Born in United Kingdom
  • Educated at Harrow School
  • Many Professional Diplomas & Certifications in the United Kingdom & USA

Founded various companies, which were later formed into THE SAS GROUP OF COMPANIES LTD (Sas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Sas Chemicals Ltd., Sas R&D Services Ltd., Sas Investments Ltd., Sas Developments Ltd.)

Served two terms as an elected member (Councillor) Westminster City Council (1964-1972).

Chairman of General Services Committee. Served on many Council committees and represented the City Council on outside bodies. Was Chairman of Anglo Polish Conservative Association and in 1964, on their behalf, took a Case of Racial Prejudice up to the House of Lords (The highest Court in the UK) on Appeal and won. Made Case Law by changing the definition of "Race" in the UK to include "ethnic origin".

Appointed by the Lord Chancellor as a Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) and sat at St. Marylebone Magistrates Court for ten years. Acted as Chairman of the Bench.

Holder of various decorations and awards from the UK and overseas.

Royal Society of St George (UK)

Knight Commander Order Polonia Restituta (Poland)

US Citizenship granted in 1996.

Edward T. Sas

Vice President of Operations

  • Born in the United Kingdom.
  • Educated at the well known Stowe School in the U.K and upon moving to the United States at the prestigious Ransom Everglades School in Miami.
  • Served in British Army Cadet Corps, enrolled in the officer training program.
  • Master’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration (MBA / MACC) in 1999.

Prior to joining Sas R & D Services Inc spent 15 years as The Senior Financial Analyst for Grant Thornton LLP one of the “Big 5” Global Accounting and Financial Services Firms - responsible for over $1 Billion in revenue for 14+ offices nationwide.

Since joining SASRAD has traveled extensively throughout the world with emphasis on Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Responsible for domestic & International exhibitions and sales support Worldwide.
Operates from the Sasrad Office in Charlotte, North Carolina

US Citizenship granted in 1999



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Sas R&D Services Inc. (SASRAD)

Contraband Detection EquipmentOriginally formed in the United Kingdom in 1960 to manufacture and sell polycarbonate Riot Shields. Expanded into fields of IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) - EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) - Mine Clearance - UXB (Unexploded Bombs) - Surveillance Equipment - Contraband Detection Equipment and training services.

Hunting Engineering PLC, acting as subcontractors to SASRAD manufactured the first Remotely Controlled Robot "HUNTER" designed by SASRAD, which was sold to 30 countries around the World including the USA. Rights to "HUNTER" were eventually sold to Hunting Engineering PLC in 1988 when SASRAD relocated its offices to the United States.

Since 1988 SASRAD has concentrated on hand held contraband detection equipment and over the years has become the World Leader in such equipment -the latest technology Density Meter (SAS-Hitech-Xpose)and first ever field repairable fiberscopes were introduced to the market to great acclaim followed by Videoscopes and other security equipment - all products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

SASRAD endeavors to respond to communications from its clients as speedily as possible and operates across all time zones to give best possible service.

Sas R & D Services Inc History:

  • The Company was originally founded in the United Kingdom in 1962.
  • Manufacturing & Supplying equipment and specialized security products World-wide.
  • For the military, Police and other Government Agencies.
  • We had extensive contracts for IED/EOD products from many countries and for over 20 years were one of the leading companies in that area of endeavor.
  • We had high level Security clearance with the British Ministry of Defence.

Main lines handled:

  • Anti-Terrorist equipment
  • Riot Control Equipment ( SASRAD designed and developed the first Polycarbonate riot shields and visors)
  • Bomb Detection equipment – IED – EOD – EOR
  • Disrupters/de-armers for IEDs
  • Explosives detectors
  • Electronic Stethoscopes
  • EOR/EOD Suit, tools and equipment
  • Portable X-ray equipment
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Laser & Optical equipment
  • Fiberscopes
  • Detectors
  • Training and Consultancy services

Sasrad were the first company to develop and Market. A wireless controlled Explosives Robot “ The Hunter”

This PDF from our archives shows the advanced work we were doing in Robot Technology 1972-5.

The company relocated to the USA in 1988 due to the volume of US Government Business being conducted.

In 1992 the whole direction of the company was changed when we decided to concentrate on the field Of Contraband Detection and Search Equipment – we no longer work in any other field preferring to concentrate our efforts on the highly successful new technology equipment now offered by us.