Ultimate LED Fiberscope Sizes

The ONLY Fiberscope that can be


A. 6mm Diameter Non-Conductive Safety Fiberscope with No Exposed Metal in lengths up to 3.0m (120”) Long
B. 6mm Diameter Tungsten Braid Fiberscope
in lengths up to 3.0m (120”) Long
C. 8.5mm Diameter Fiberscope with a 2.8mm working Channel For SWAT and Special Operations Applications
in standard lengths of 40” (1.0m) and up
D. 10mm Diameter Extra Long Fiberscope – standard lengths 10 Ft (3.08m) and 20ft (6.096 M) - other lengths available to special order, other diameters to special order

Our high-performance fiberscopes provide clear, sharp images of inaccessible areas, making remote inspection, evaluation and imaging possible in almost any situation.

They offer durable construction and exceptional value in a range of diameters and lengths. A simple knob controls the articulation while a focusing eyepiece enhances high-resolution imaging and accommodates 35mm and video cameras. The Flexible shaft resists water, gasoline or diesel and jet fuels, simplifying inspection of liquid-filled vessels.

The Ultimate Fiberoptics Inspection System is a critical equipment addition for customs , police departments, and countless others who need extended visibility in otherwise inaccessible areas.
The Ultimate Fiberscope® is a Flexible Scope, 6 mm (.236 ins) diameter Flexible which provides a high-resolution image of difficult to reach areas. Looks around corners and into dark, deep recesses without the need for costly, dangerous or time-consuming teardowns. May be used in environments which are hostile to traditional fiberscopes. Gasoline, Diesel, ship and aviation fuel safe

High grade optics produce very bright defect free images, while the intense Halogen light source delivers cool ample light while keeping all potentially spark igniting electrical components carried around the shoulder or on a waist belt, well away from the inspection zone, making this one of the safest fiberscopes to use. Also as the heavier components are carried on the body, the hands have only the lightweight viewer to hold.

The revolutionary (Patent Applied for) design allows for the replacement of the articulation control cables by the operator in the field with minimal down time greatly reducing repair costs should the articulation cables break. This is an exclusive feature to our product.

What is a non conductive fiberscope?
This Fiberscope is constructed with no exposed metal parts on the distal end or flexible shaft by using a special urethane protective covering offering safety to the operator against static electricity. Especially important when using the Fiberscope in a potentially explosive or other hazardous environment.

What is a Tungsten Braid protected fiberscope?
Tungsten is strong, durable abrasion resistant metal that will protect the probe from rough edges and damage from wear during inspections giving many years of life. This type of fiberscope is supplied with an earthing/grounding strap to protect against static electricity discharge.

What is a Stay-put shaft?
Many fiberscopes are damaged by rough handling in the field and are difficult to use when inspecting Upwards or behind an object the Stayput shaft we have developed is aluminum, and serves more than one purpose. It attaches easily to the scope protecting the probe when packed in its case or when being transported. It enables the scope to be used to inspect object above the head – also it can go around or behind objects for inspections. It may also be used when introducing the probe into a cavity with rough edges that may damage the probe itself. It is a few inches shorter than the fiberscope probe allowing the tip to articulate without hindrance.



LED LIGHTWEIGHT ONE PIECE “EVERYTHING-IN-THE-HANDLE” FIBERSCOPE COMPLETE AND READY FOR USE. Anticipated very long Life for the LED bulbs reaching several years.





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