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Sas R & D Services Inc offer individually tailored training courses covering highway interdiction and vehicle search procedures. These courses may be carried out in the USA or overseas, as required.

The courses are an introduction to the equipment offered by SASRAD such as Density Meters and Video/Fiberscopes, plus their associated accessories and show the equipment being applied in real life scenarios. The courses offer the opportunity to discuss, observe and practice search procedures of all types. Instruction is given in the technique of roadside interviews, recognizing what is normal and what is not normal in a vehicle or passenger and becoming aware of indicators heard, smelled or observed during an enforcement encounter with a vehicle and its passengers.

Courses cover: Searching of passenger and commercial vehicles. Working with Canines.

The Courses are conducted in a Classroom environment plus “hands on” work with detailed discussion of places and ways that contraband may be concealed.

Unlike others, we do not offer a standardized training course – our courses are designed around the requirements of the client and targeted at filling in gaps In their working knowledge.

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Training Classes held in South America



IDEC 2016 a

Training Class held in the Middle East