Kingsville Tire Fiberscope (KTIF)

The Kingsville Tire inspection Fiberscope Diameter 1.9 mm (.075 in.) – For Inspecting all vehicle tires

This item is supplied as part of the CEK-R Kit

The Kingsville fiberscope was designed to be a portable, rugged inspection device capable of producing a high-resolution image through tire valve stems, with the objective of looking inside a vehicle tire in a non-destructive fashion With intense fiber optic illumination and a crisp image delivered by high-resolution quartz optical fiber, this Fiberscope may be used on passenger or commercial vehicles, irrespective of the valve stem configuration. Air loss is minimized thanks to a special sealing system – no need to cut tires open anymore, just insert the Kingsville Scope and look inside the tire. Uses our standard STARFIRE LED light handle.

Standard Features:

  • High Resolution Fiber Imaging Bundle
  • Internal Fiber Optic Illumination
  • Portable 650 Lumen LED STARFIRE Battery Handle
  • Tire valve stem seal with valve remover
  • Durable stainless steel, flexible urethane and Aluminum construction
  • Stainless Steel objective head for durability
  • Instruction manual and DVD


  • Shaft Outside Diameter: .075 in. – (1.9mm )
  • Shaft Length: 60 in. (152cm)
  • Field of View: 50 Degrees
  • Depth of Field: .2 in. to 3.0 in. – (5 to 75 mm)
  • Eyepiece: B-Style, Diopter Adjustable and photo ready
  • Direction of View: Forward Viewing
  • Light Guide Connector: ACMI


Kingsville Tire Inspection Fiberscope


Valve stem remover


Valve sealing device