Ultimate Fiberscope Comparison Chart

This comparison was made using 6 mm diameter, 60” (1.5m) long fiberscopes with two way articulation. Both freshly charged and uncoiled side by side on a bench.




Ultimate Differecne

Brightness of Illumination 23,000 LUX 2-way 40,000 LUX/4-way 29,000 LUX 74% increase in illumination
Articulation 2-way 90° L/R 2-way 120° L/R, 4-way 120° L/R & 180° up/down Enables wider range of viewing capability
Length Maximum 80"/2.0m 120"/3.0m Various diameters available from 4 mm upwards
Battery Life 90 minutes continuous use 180 minutes continuous use Twice the battery life
Probe Cover Tungsten Braid Non-Conductive or Tungsten Braid w/grounding strap Non-conductive for protection against static electricity
Image Elements 12,000 elements 17,000 elements Greater resolution for increased image clarity
Field of View 60° 50° or 70° 16% increase in field of view
Depth of View 10mm-100mm 5mm - 100mm Greater focus capability for sharper images
Color Temperature 5500 Kelvin 6000 Kelvin Bluish-white light for better visibility
Field Repairable No Yes Only field repairable fiberscope with repair kit, tools and instructional DVD
Screw-off Eyepiece No Yes Direct mount camera to our scopes without need for a "C" mount adapter

The light output on 2 way scopes has been improved by 40% with our new improved LED light source and control circuit design. The light intensity has improved from 29000 Lux to 40,000 Lux. There is also no loss of battery life due to the improved efficiency of the light source and no additional cost - The four way articulation scopes have a lower light output in the range of 29,000 LUX as the number of illumination fibers are reduced to accommodate the two additional control wires but still offer higher illumination that our competitors. All readings may vary depending on length of fiberscope and other factors.

Ultimate Scope

Our direct mount eyepiece has a screw-off ring which allows cameras to be fitted without needing a separate “C” mount this is unique to our fiberscopes.

The Ultimate® Scope Articulation tip (Distal End)

Is designed to be crush resistant and extremely rugged. We do not experience the articulating wire damage at the tip that many other scopes have because our scope’s articulation section is manufactured to our unique design using proprietary materials. It will withstand side impacts and not become permanently deformed.


All Competitors’ articulation systems typically use thin metal ring “pivoting links” that do not withstand side pressure and will permanently crush/deform. The Ultimate fiberscopes articulation section is a non metal (non-conductive) design that is quite resistant to this type of damage. This design will allow for an overall longer service life and combined with ease of repair by replacing the articulating wires and Image bundle, provides the customer with a much lower total ownership cost over the life of the scope.

And the biggest difference of all:
The number one breakage in fiberscopes from any manufacturer is in the articulating wires, damaged in operational use or by accident ALL other manufacturers require the scope sent back to them for replacement of the entire probe which runs in the $3000/4000+ region and the scope can be out of service for several weeks. .Our Ultimate Fiberscopes have an optional availablekit therefore the scope can be back in operation within a couple of hours. Additional repair kits are always available.

Ultimate® Fiberscopes come with 12 months warranty.
Delivery time is usually about 30 days or less
Our scope is manufactured in USA using American labor
The Ultimate® Fiberscope has been designed for use by customs/security forces/police and is designed for use in fuel tanks Gasoline/diesel/ aviation/ship/ etc.

The Ultimate® scope is also available as part of the Sasrad Contraband Enforcement Kit ( CEK-R).

A range of other fiberscopes for specialist applications are available – please see web site for more details, including enquiry form for custom made scopes.