Xtender Pole and Xtreme Display



Standard Length: Closed: 55” (1.4m) Extended 100.5” (2.5m)

The Xtender enables the SAS-Hitech-Xpose to be used at higher levels without the need for ladders – the SAS-Hitech-Xpose, in its holder, is placed flat against the surface being inspected and does not need to be adjusted as the tension is maintained by the spring loaded mechanical head. Extend the pole to its full height by twisting the black plastic locking sleeve and locking it into position.

The Xtender may be used at any height which is required, up to its maximum. The top of the Xtender (carrying the SAS-Hitech-Xpose) bends and swivels to adapt its angle to the surface being inspected, unlike units which have a fixed angle the Xtender can have its angle changed without being lowered or removed from the inspection site.

The Xtender is supplied in a reinforced nylon bag for storage.

Magnetic Display holder

Magnetic Display Holder

Holder for SAS-Hitech-Xpose

Holder for SAS-Hitech-Xpose






Xtender Bluetooth Cabled






This multi-functional display is used in conjunction with the Xtender Arm to control & display readings from the Xpose at the other end of the Xtender pole - or it may be directly connected to the Xpose if the built in remote display is not sufficient for operational purposes.

xtreme display

Xtreme Display

All functions operated from the face of the SAS-Hitech-Xpose, may be controlled using Bluetooth or a cable connection (specify which required) without lowering the unit. The Xtreme Bluetooth Tablet Display shows the identical information and graph that is shown on the Xpose and information may also be sent to a computer if required.  The Tablet not only repeats the display but controls all features remotely and user may add his own programs to the tablet as required.  The tablet is supplied in a rugged holder for protection.

This combo is supplied as cabled or Bluetooth connected - this MUST be specified at time of order.

Connect the Xtender to the Xtreme display using either method then follow supplied instructions.

The display is attached to the magnetic clamp on the Xtender which may be rotated as required - may also be used with the arm mounted Velcro holder, which also rotates for ease of use.

The display is a fully functioning tablet which controls all features of the Xpose as well as displaying the results.

The tablet will also accept other data and programs as may be required by the user.

Individual Scan Records are stored for use in evidence, quality and training purposes.