We have been recognized as a World Leader in the supply of Contraband Detection Equipment for over 25 years

Our objectives are:

  • To be the Global Market Leader in our core business, which is the supply of hand held Contraband Detection Equipment and to establish a strong position in the market for our other law enforcement products.
  • To maintain our worldwide reputation for the delivery of products to our clients at a level of quality that puts Sas R & D Services Inc., above its competitors.
  • To maintain an enthusiastic workforce that shows a commitment to satisfy our clients requirements.
  • To be totally committed to quality. We strive to ensure that all concerned understand the objectives and procedures of what we are doing and show, by example, that the focus of leadership is on the importance of quality products and service.
  • To operate in the spirit of ISO 9000 and have all required State, National and International Approvals, such as the “CE” Mark.
  • Our goal is to, at minimum, meet but at optimum, exceed what our clients desire from us in terms of QUALITY, DELIVERY and SERVICE.
  • There can never be a substitute for high quality service and attention to detail – we always remember that our clients are the focus of everything that we do and continually strive to do better and better.
  • Our dedication to quality service is our guiding light, It has lead to our commercial success and good name for over 50 years and has been based on our dedication and follow through.
  • Never, must we compromise our standards, for by so doing, we have thereby lowered those standards.

At Sas R & D Services Inc. ,we are striving to change the future of Hand Held Contraband Detection Equipment. That means starting each day looking for ways to improve our designs and change them for the better. Challenging everything that we know, every day. Pushing technological enhancement, efficiency, reliability and responsibility to new limits. And then pushing them again. Making us more reliable than ever before as your partners in the fight against smuggling. This is our promise to you – because this is not just a job to us but a vocation.



Doing the right thing is not always the easy thing, but it is always the best thing.

“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest”

Mark Twain

“The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After The Sweet Taste of Low Price is Forgotten”

Benjamin Franklin