Handheld Remote Controlled Magnetic Spotlight

The SQIK produces 5 million candlepower with a beam capable of reaching over 700 feet in distance. This 65 watt halogen light offers an inline wired remote to turn the light on and off and to control the rotation and tilt function of the unit. The light is weatherproof for land and sea applications and operates with 12 Volt DC. The SQIK is designed for use in all weather conditions. This unit features remote control operation that allows users to rotate the light 370 degrees with a hard stop and to adjust vertical tilt through 135 degrees. Remote operation is provided by one wired remote controller. Is is also provided with a suction cup and a magnetic mount shoe. The swivel handle on tope of the light enables the operator to move the light to different locations with ease.



Remote Operation: Remote control functions include on/off, and 4 buttons which control up, down, left and right movement. The light will continue to move as long as the buttons are pressed. Releasing the buttons stops movement and holds the light in position. The handheld wired remote control is attached to the light via a 16 foot (4.8m) power cord with a cigarette plug on the end. The wiring harness is a Y-shaped, with the cord attached to the light at one end and cigarette plug on the other end. The handheld remote control is in the center, linking the two cords. This enables the controller to turn the light on/off in addition to adjusting the tilt and rotation.

Durability: The unit is designed for demanding outdoor use with a weather resistant housing constructed of high quality thermoplastic that is heat resistant, impact resistant, UV resistant and able to withstand rugged use and abusive conditions. Remote movement of this spotlight is provided by an automotive grade internal motor, gear, and transmission assembly that is constructed of LEXAN, brass, and stainless steel to provide rust and corrosion resistance as well as long life and reliable operation.

Mounting: The light slides on and off of the base of the light. When the shoe is installed a spring loaded button pops up locking the light in the base. The shoe base completely encapsulates the suction cup base. When the base is removed, the light can be mounted using the suction cup and the lever on the side to activate the suction mount. The magnetic shoe has holes in it and can be permanently mounted as well. The magnetic base offers 40 pounds (18 kg) of magnetic grip. This is suitable for temporary positioning on vehicles, but not appropriate for moving vehicles.

Power: This light operates with 12 volts DC and draws 5.5 amps, making it ideal for all sources of 12 volt direct current. It is equipped with a 16 foot, (4.8m) outdoor rated cord with a cigarette plug.

Light Output: The lamp in this lamp is a 65 watt halogen bulb which produces about 1,900 lumens. This bulb produces a wide spot beam 700 feet (213m) in length and 150 feet (45m) in width.
This high power unit is ideal for security, law enforcement, emergency services, utilities, and anywhere high power and remote control functionality are desired.

Specifications/Additional Information

Lamp Type: 65 Watt Halogen Bulb
Dimensions: 7”W x 7” Depth x 8” (17.78 x 17.78 x 20.32 cm)
Weight: 5 lbs. (2.3 kgs)
Total Watts: 65
Voltage: 12V DC
Lighting Configuration: Spotlight
Amps: 5.5 Amps
Mounting: Magnetic Mount
Movement Range: 135°.Tilt - 370° Rotation
Remote Control: Single Wired, Handheld
Weather Rating: Weatherproof