Training Aids

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helpdeskWe understand the need for training aids to assist the operator in understanding the capabilities and features of the SASRAD equipment that he is using. It is our sincere wish that each and every operator is successful in the field and with this in mind we offer the following:


The objective of this table is to convey to the inspecting officer the three variables encountered when using the Xpose or in fact ANY density meter:
#1 Thickness of wall though which the inspection is being made
#2 Size of Contraband load
#3 Distance of contraband from wall
Variation in any of these three variables will give different readings and lead to an understanding of the effect that changes in any of them have on detection capability.

The table is easily assembled in accordance with the instructions supplied, it comprises a frame work on which is placed a surface with five rectangular Indentations into which samples of material operators are looking through can be placed. The samples are cut from materials that your local jurisdiction examines, they could range from steel plate, aluminum sheet, wood, fiberglass of various thickness and so on.

Underneath the table is an adjustable platform that holds the simulated contraband. In our hands-on training we use 2lbs of granulated sugar to represent Cocaine but anything may be used that resembles what you are searching or actual items such as weapons, drugs, cigarettes etc. With the sample of vehicle wall or side material in place, the “contraband” is placed underneath – the Xpose is used to “see” and indicate the difference in density while drawing a graph as the sample is raised and lowered or inspected under various sample materials. We recommend that lead be one of the samples to show what happens when something is lead shielded.

taining table 1

Training table ready for use

taining table 3

Raise & lower target under material samples

taining table 2

Placing sample materials on the table


 This miniature fuel tank teaches inspectors  how to use a Fiberscope or Videoscope when inspecting vehicle fuel/ gas tanks. The inspectors can practice entering the gas tank from the fuel filler and going deep into the tank into natural voids.  They will learn and practice how to search both sides of the tank working their way around the sender unit and internal baffles.

The tank has an opening where instructors can place various samples inside so the inspector may practice  identifying the items being smuggled in your areas.  Weapons – ammunition – drugs- currency etc.  The inspector will learn to prolong the life of any scope by handling it carefully and manipulating it around obstacles and withdrawing from the tanks slowly and under control. – this will minimize any possible damage caused by rough handling.

The Xpose may also be used to search the practice tank and learn from the readings.

This tank is light and made of  plastic  – it may be placed on our training table or on any desk or table without difficulty.

IMPORTANT:  While filling the tank with water presents no problem, we  strongly discourage filling the tank with any combustible liquid, especially gasoline as that would pose a fume and fire risk.

taining table 4

Miniature gas/fuel tank

taining table 5

Removable top for placing of targets

taining table 6

Miniature gas tank placed on training table

taining table 7

Feeding Scope through filler cap

taining table 8

Using the Xpose Density Meter to inspect fuel tanks

All training items shown are our proprietary design and manufactured in the USA to our specifications – items may look cosmetically different in the future but will perform the same function